Leopardo 1


Beautiful house outside of Avandaro, Valle de Bravo. With spectacular sunsets and beautiful views, surrounded by mountains.

  • Divided into 3 houses:
    • Main (big house)
      • 2 bedrooms with fireplace and balcony, 2 complete bathrooms in each room and two half baths, TV area (with cable tv and dvd), living room, dining room, kitchen with breakfast area, laundry area and maid’s room with bathroom.
    • Guest house
      • Two bedrooms with fireplace, bathroom, living room and kitchenette
    • Small house (loft)
      • 2 double beds, fireplace, bathroom, tv with dvd.
  • Big terrace
  • Minimum 8, maximum 12 Adults and 2 children (more than 8 have an extra $250 pesos each day)
  • 24 hours doorkeeper.
  • No phone signal, only wifi  in some parts of the house
  • It is essential to arrive with all the food and drinks, because of the location of the house


Bedroom 1- 2 individual beds, 1kids bed

Bedroom 2- 2 individual beds, 1kids bed

Bedroom 3- 1 double bed

Bedroom 4- 2 individual beds

Bedroom 5- 2 double beds

Áreas comunes- 4 sofas


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