Aldea Canzul Estate

Aldea Canzul Estate 1

Aldea Canzul Estate


Aldea Canzul Celeste is a combination of the following three villas – Casa Chakte, Casa Chukum and Casa Chechen.

Casa Chakté

  • Living room

  • Dining area

  • Kitchen

  • Private terrace

  • Roof top

Casa Chechén  

  • Two separate bedrooms

  • Living-dining room area

  • Kitchen

  • Terrace

Casa Chukum

  • Main house with ocean front

  • Terrace and a roof top

  • Pool house with 4 bedrooms

  • Central patio

* Please note that you may not bring outside staff into the property under any circumstances unless pre authorized by Maya Luxe

Daily coffee & local pastries delivered to your villa each morning.


Bedroom 1- 1 king size bed

Bedroom 2- 1 queen size bed

Bedroom 3- 1 queen size bed, 1 double bed

Bedroom 4-2 queen size beds

Bedroom 5-1  king size bed

Bedroom 6- 1 queen size bed

Bedroom 7- 1 queen size bed

Bedroom 8- 1 queen size bed

Bedroom 9- 1 queen size bed


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