Wedding in Acapulco

Wedding in Acapulco 1

Wedding in Acapulco


The bride and groom decided to make their wedding in Acapulco to be able to celebrate with their family and friends next to the beach. The bride is from the United States and the boyfriend from Veracruz. They met at the D.F. and now they live there. They had gone to Acapulco twice before the wedding to do most of the planning and hiring. The day of the wedding started very well. The bride and groom took time to talk and pray on the balcony of the hotel, and then the bride went to eat with her ladies while the groom sought to finish some final details.


After the meal, the bride went to leave the decorations and some final instructions with the banquet attendant. Afterwards, the bride received the key to the ‘suite’. But when climbing, he realized that it was a normal room. She was alone, and she felt very frustrated and nervous because she only had 3 hours for the wedding and all the ladies were going to get ready in that room. The hotel told them that they would receive the suite for the wedding night as a courtesy for making the wedding there. The bride marked the boyfriend to tell him that they had not received the suite, and that he had to start the grooming process because in the end the person who was going to do the makeup did not arrive and she had to do it herself.